What does the contact list conflict message mean?

Your contact list is stored both on your community server and on your workstation. If you use Sametime on more than one computer, you might see a contact list conflict message. The message displays when your contact list on one of these computers gets out-of-synch with the version on the server.

Tip: To update a contacts’ nickname automatically so it does not get out-of-sync, edit a contact's nickname by right-clicking a contact.

When you see a contact list conflict message, you can select from the following options:

Before you select an option, think about the implications of your choice.

Table 1. Options and examples

A simple table that explains the options and information to help you choose. The first column lists options, and the second column gives an example of when you might use it.

Option What to consider
Replace the server copy with the local copy Choose this option if you are confident that the version on your computer is the most current. If you choose this option, you lose any changes from versions on other computers.
Replace the local copy with the server copy Choose this option if a version on another computer is more current.

For example, you clean up a long and unorganized contact list on one computer, and your changes are saved to the server. If you start another computer and see the conflict message, choose this option, so your changes are not lost.

Merge the server and local copies Choose this option if you often use both computers, so both contact lists are up-to-date but contain some different contacts. All contacts from both versions are merged into one list.