Installing MongoDB on Windows

This topic guides you through the steps for installing MongoDB on Windows. The estimated time to Install and Configure MongoDB is: 15 minutes

Before you begin

Installing MongoDB

About this task

To install MongoDB on Windows, perform the following steps:


  1. Download the latest MongoDB 4.2.x version from MongoDB’s download page.

    Example to download 4.2.8:

    Note: MongoDB 3.6.x version is supported on HCL Sametime 11.5. MongoDB 4.2.x is the recommended version for HCL Sametime 11.5. Upgrading MongoDB 3.6.x to 4.2.x instructions can be found here.
  2. Navigate to the folder where MongoDB 4.2.x installation was downloaded and start the mongodb msi installation program.
    Note: For MongoDB 3.6.x version installs, refer to HCL Sametime 11.0 documentation found here.
  3. Follow the MongoDB Graphical User Interface (GUI) to install, accepting the terms and selecting Complete setup type.

    Note: Running MongoDB as a Windows service is required and Run service as Network Service user is recommended. The Service Name, Data Directory and Log Directory parameters can be modified, but must be noted during the configuration steps. These instructions will assume the default 4.2 directories.

    Install MongoDB Compass is optional and not required for deploying HCL Sametime 11.5. This is a Graphical User Interface used to administrate MongoDB.

  4. Complete the MongoDB installation by selecting Install.

    Note: A restart will be required to complete the MongoDB installation.

    Select Finish to complete the install and be prompted to restart the operating system.

    Note: If Install MongoDB Compass was left selected, it will start after installation has completed. MongoDB Compass application can be shutdown, as it will not be used for HCL Sametime deployments.
    If needing additional assistance with installing on Windows, refer to MongoDB online tutorial: Install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows.
  5. After the system restart, MongoDB will be running as a Windows service.

  6. Optional: To start the MongoDB Console, open a command prompt and navigate to the MongoDB install directory/bin folder and execute mongo.exe. Result of a successful MongoDB Console start up.

What to do next

Configure MongoDB for HCL Sametime