Changing the URL for the settings XML file in the plugin_customization.ini file

If you must change the URL for the managed settings file, do so by updating the plugin_customization.ini file.

About this task

Follow these steps to update the plugin_customization.ini file with the new file name or URL.


  1. Verify that the settings XML file is in the location where it will be called from the plugin_customization.ini file.
  2. In the plugin_customization.ini file, change the key that defines the Expeditor Managed settings framework and the name and location of the settings XML and the name and location of the settings XML file to be used. For example:


The next update runs with the old URL, but subsequent updates run with the new URL. If the new URL is not reachable at the time of the update, the setting will not be saved and the original URL will continue to be used. The URL will not be changed until it is updated at a time that the URL can be reached.