Configuring Sametime Connect Client preferences in the plugin_customization.ini file

Defining a settings file in the plugin_customization.ini file is an alternate method for distributing preferences to the Sametime® Connect Client. Unlike the managed-settings.xml file posted on an update site, this method does not provide any policy-based distribution of preferences.

About this task

Follow these steps to create a settings XML file and define it in the plugin_customization.ini file.


  1. Create a settings XML file with a name such as managed-settings.xml.
  2. Define preferences in the settings XML file.
  3. Copy the settings XML file to the location where it will be called from the plugin_customization.ini file.
  4. Add a key that defines the Expeditor Managed settings framework and the name and location of the settings XML file to be used. For example:
  5. Save the file and make it available to clients.


Every time the client starts, the plugin_customization.ini preferences are read.