Configuring users to be authenticated using only LDAP-bind

You can configure the SafeLinx Client to be authenticated using LDAP-bind.

About this task

You can configure the SafeLinx Client for Linux and Windows to be authenticated by using LDAP-bind. SafeLinx Client users on Sony Ericsson 910 are automatically configured to use two-party key distribution protocol and, when an LDAP-bind authentication server is also configured, LDAP-bind authentication.


  1. Create an LDAP-bind authentication profile. SeeUsing LDAP- bind authentication profiles for more detail.
  2. Create a connection profile that is configured with the Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm. Set the Client Validation Model to None, and set Secondary Authentication to the LDAP-bind authentication profile you created.
  3. Make sure that the connection profile has the LDAP-bind authentication profile selected that you created in step 1.
  4. Assign the connection profile to an MNC.
  5. On the SafeLinx Client, create a connection to the SafeLinx Server.
  6. Edit the properties on the SafeLinx Client connection you created. Click the Security tab, click Public Key, then click OK.
  7. On the SafeLinx Client, start the connection to the SafeLinx Server. Make sure to enter the LDAP-bind user name and password into the Connect window to log on.