Installing the Safelinx Server on Linux silently

On Linux, you can run a silent installation of the SafeLinx Server version 1.4 and above.


  1. Download the 64-bit Linux version of the SafeLinx Server installation image from the FlexNet Portal.
    For example, download HCL Safelinx-1302-x86_64.
    After the download completes, the file HCL-Safelinx-1302-x86_64.tar.gz is saved to the download directory.
  2. Extract the tar.gz and move to inst.images directory.
  3. To perform silent installation, run ./install_wg script as root (or as a sudo user) with --silent option (./install_wg --silent).
  4. This command installs the HCL Safelinx server, HCL-SafeLinx-saml and also make changes to start Safelinx server at system start.