Use the wg_acct command to access and display the account records in a number of different formats and filtered according to criteria based on the flags passed.

When you run wg_acct, it generates column headers on the first line, followed a line-by-line detailed output of every packet in the record. The column headers are:

From the database perspective, X'00' indicates packets are inbound from the mobile device (mobile origination) and X'01' indicates packets are outbound to the mobile device (SafeLinx Server origination). From the command line perspective, a left-arrow indicates that packets are inbound and a right-arrow indicates that packets are outbound.
The total number of packets for the particular direction
The size of unaltered, original IP packet
Packet size after IP header reduction, if any.
Packet size after compression, if any.
Packet size after encryption, if any.
Packet size after any necessary protocol framing
Size of transmitted packet after appropriate reduction, compression, encryption, or framing

Note that most commands require the flag wg_acct -T pkt to see the SafeLinx Client traffic.

Enter wg_acct -? to list the usage statement.