Setting up an access manager login profile

When you start the SafeLinx Administrator, you log in to an access manager by using a login profile.


  1. Click File > Login Profiles.
  2. Determine if you want a secure connection between the SafeLinx Administrator and the access manager by using secure sockets layer (SSL). Click Add Secure Profile to use SSL or click Add Profile to connect to the access manager without an encrypted connection. For more information about adding a secure login profile, see the SafeLinx Administrator's Guide. To add a profile without an encrypted connection:
    1. Enter a descriptive name of the profile in the Login profile name field. This name describes the host name and port pair that is used to connect to the access manager when you select this login profile.
    2. Enter the destination IP address or host name of the system where access manager is installed in the Host name field. Additionally, you can specify whether name resolution is automatically attempted for the host name field. Clear the check box for networks without domain name system (DNS) service or when you connect to a multihomed access manager, otherwise select the Attempt host resolution check box.
    3. Enter the port number of the access manager in the Port field. By default, the port number is 9555.
  3. After you add a login profile, select the profile with which you want to log in, then click OK.
  4. Enter the administrator ID and the password for the access manager system, then Log In.

    To log off the access manager system, click File > Log Off.