Setting up a broadcast group

You can define a group of users to which to broadcast a message.

To set up a broadcast group, right-click the organizational unit (OU) in which you want the group added, then click Add Resource > Group > Broadcast group.

In the group definition, specify a group identifier and select the user IDs or MNCs or both that are to be a part of the broadcast group. If you choose to include an MNC in a broadcast group, be forewarned that sending simultaneous packets of data to all active devices in an MNC can have an impact on network performance.

In addition to the broadcast features supplied by specific network providers, the SafeLinx Server allows broadcasting one date packet (up to 512 characters) to each active user on a SafeLinx Server, and optionally to more user IDs or existing broadcast groups. A broadcast group can consist of user IDs or a mobile network connection (MNC), which includes all devices that are logged in to the MNC at the time of broadcast.