Setting SafeLinx Administrator trace options

You can direct real-time status information about SafeLinx Administrator to a trace file and to a console.

In the .wgcfg directory relative to the home directory of the user who started SafeLinx Administrator, the trace file is named MainTrace1.txt

When the buffer of trace information is filled, MainTrace1.txt is renamed to MainTrace2.txt and tracing continues to be directed to MainTrace1.txt

Only enable tracing when requested to do so by service personnel.

To set trace options, click Options > SafeLinx Administrator Trace..., then click Write to trace file and select the subsystems for which you want trace information to be recorded.

To specify that trace information is directed to the console: Click Options > SafeLinx Administrator Console Output..., then click Trace information. The trace information must be enabled to the trace file before trace information displays on the console. For more information about displaying the console for SafeLinx Administrator running on Windows, see Setting SafeLinx Administrator console output.

By default, each time SafeLinx Administrator stops and then starts again, the trace file begins recording information at the start of the file, overwriting previous information. To specify that new trace information is appended to the end of the trace file each time SafeLinx Administrator starts, clear the Reset the trace file check box.

To keep a backup of the trace file before it is reset, click Backup the existing trace file. The next time SafeLinx Administrator is started, the previous trace file is renamed to MainTrace1.xt.bak and includes the current date and time.

To back up the current trace file while SafeLinx Administrator is running and to restart tracing at the beginning of the MainTrace1.txt file, click the Backup file now icon.