Error recovery in customizing Resources view

When you apply custom settings to the Resources view, SafeLinx Administrator makes it easy to recover from any errors that you encounter. Fix unwanted actions to return to your preferred settings.

About this task

You can set the column settings back to the default SafeLinx Administrator settings at any time.
  • If only the original column settings must be recovered for a specific resource class, follow the instructions that are listed under Resetting columns in the Resources view.
  • If you want all of the original column settings, follow the instructions that are listed under Removing all custom settings.
If you click OK in the Change Columns dialog box and the Selected columns list is empty, an error message displays and the Change Columns dialog box remains active. The error message is:
You must select at least one column to display.
To recover from this error, first click OK, then either select an attribute from the Resource Attributes list. Add this attribute to the Selected Columns list, then click OK to exit the dialog box, or click the Cancel button to exit with no changes to the customized columns.