The Configure Trace utility includes a File page where users can control buffering and file size of the trace file.

The following controls are available from the File page:
Flush log file
When the box is selected, messages are flushed to the log file as they are written rather than being buffered. This option slows performance and is generally useful only for debugging. The default value is that the Flush log file box is cleared.
Maximum file size
Use the Maximum File Size field to set the maximum size of your trace file. Trace messages are stored in a file named /var/log/wc.log. When the file reaches its maximum size, it is renamed to wc.bak and a new wc.log file is created for active trace data. Only two trace files are kept, the active trace file and the most recent previous file.
  • Default value: 1400000
  • Range of values: 0 - 2147483647