Adding a connection

You can connect to the SafeLinx Server after completing the installation of the SafeLinxClient.apk file.


  1. Select Add Connection, and enter a name and the server address to establish a connection. Then click Save.
    Note: Unless your server administrator changes the default ports, the only information you need to supply is a connection name, which can be any meaningful name you prefer, and the server address, which must be either the IP address or Internet name of your SafeLinx server. Only change the port numbers if you are instructed to do so by your administrator.
  2. Tap the name of the connection to which you want to connect and click Connect. You will be prompted for your userid and password.
  3. Enter your credentials and then click Connect.
  4. Enter your authorization code from a two-factor authenticatin application such as Authy.
  5. To disconnect, either return to the HCL SafeLinx application and click the connection name, or click the SafeLinx Client notification icon to bring up the status dialog and then select Disconnect. Android displays the message Do you want to disconnect?
  6. Click Yes to Disconnect.
  7. To edit the properties of an existing connection, see Viewing the connection information.
    Note: If you encounter an error or bug while setting up or using the SafeLinx Client, start diagnostic logging by selecting the Tools menu. Recreate the problem and stop the logging once the problem has been recreated by selecting the Tools menu again. Export the log file to either the SD card or to your email program. Submit the wclog.txt.gz file to your service administrator for analysis.