Applying maintenance

Links to code fixes, for entitled customers, are available from the HCL SafeLinx product support website. The HCL SafeLinx updates are on HCL Products and Platforms support website.


  • If you do not already have one, HCL SafeLinx customers can register at the HCL Support website for an HCL ID. A list of authorized IDs was created at the time that HCL SafeLinx was purchased. If the HCL ID being used to access HCL SafeLinx is not on this list, an entitlement failure message displays. Contact your HCL marketing representative for assistance with the authorized users list.
  • The x64 version is approximately 17 MB and the file name is linux-client_x86_64-<version>.tar.gz. After downloading the file, extract it with the command tar -xzvf linux-client_x86_64-<version>.tar.gz, then use the ./install_wc script to install it.