Mobile devices

Mobile devices are defined to a SafeLinx Server, but they are used by mobile access services only.

A mobile device is a hardware entity that communicates through the mobile access services VPN on the SafeLinx Server. You add mobile device profiles to your deployment so that you can control device access to the SafeLinx Server.

Note: Mobile device profiles apply to devices that use mobile access services only. You do not add device profiles for mobile devices that access your internal network resources through HTTP access services.

The information that is used to identify a mobile device depends on the network provider. For IP-based devices, you must provide the 32-bit IP address that identifies the Internet location of the resource. For other types of devices, you must provide the unique identifier of the device, which is typically embedded in the device hardware or firmware.

For systems such as PSTN and GSM, you must register the telephone, not the modem. When you specify a GSM user's numbers for registration, use the normal phone number. The normal phone number is referred to as the MSISDN because it is the combined voice and ISDN V.110 data number for the GSM-ISDN service. Use the separate data number for V.32 and the other conventional modem protocols for GSM-PSTN service. Request activation of these data services and the allocation of the additional data numbers before you use these services.