Persistent data storage problems

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Answers to the problems with the persistent data storage include:

  1. When does SafeLinx Server communicate with the relational database?
    SafeLinx Server communicates with the relational database when:
    • The wgated process initializes.
    • A user's session changes state.
    • SafeLinx Server configuration changes are made.
    • User records are changed or added.
    • The wgated process terminates.
  2. How do I troubleshoot DB2 connection related problems?
    1. To determine the level of DB2, use the command:
      • Linux: rpm -qa |grep db2
      • Windows: Start the DB2 command line processor to see the version information for DB2.
    2. If the DB2 server is a remote installation, ping the DB2 server from SafeLinx Server workstation.
    3. Review <DB2 server>/etc/services to confirm server instance ports. For example, db2cwgdb or db2iwgdb.
    4. See the technote on DB2 connection problems on SafeLinx Server systems.
  3. What do I do with error messages or read and write traps that indicate there is not enough space to create the DB2 database? Or that the database directory is not found?

    Check that the home directory has at least 50-MB available space. The home directory is the base directory plus the instance ID. For example, if you are using the instance ID of wgdb and the base directory is /home, the home directory is /home/wgdb.

  4. What do I do when error message code -4400 is seen in wgmgrd.log file?

    The DB2 configuration script requires that the root user has the necessary group memberships to match the groups of the DB2 instance ID. Make sure that the root ID is a member of the primary group of the instance ID.

  5. What do I do when this error message is seen in wg.log [HCL][CLI Driver] SQL30081N A communic ation error has been detected. Communication protocol being used: TCP/IP. Communication API being used: SOCKETS. Location where the error was detected: Communication function detecting the error: connect. Protocol sp ecific error code(s): 79, *, *. SQLSTATE=08001?

    Stop the SafeLinx Server and wait for the DB2 instance to start completely. To verify that the DB2 instance automatically started after a reboot, use the command netstat -na to display that the instance connection port is listening. Then, start the SafeLinx Server. It is a best practice, when a relational database resides on the same node as the SafeLinx Server, to ensure that it is fully started prior to the start of the SafeLinx Server services.

  6. How should I respond to the following DB2 error message: The transaction log for database is full?

    Check that the file system has enough available space. If sufficient space is available, increase the log file size. Use the command db2 update db cfg for database database_name using logfilsiz log_file_size. Where database_name is the name of the database and log_file_size is the size of the log file that is larger than what you currently defined.