Routing traffic to a subnetwork

A routing alias is a SafeLinx Client acting as a multihomed destination gateway to route data between the SafeLinx Server and a subnetwork that you specify.

About this task

The SafeLinx Server delivers all traffic that is destined for the specified subnetwork to the SafeLinx Client's IP address. The SafeLinx Client then acts as a destination gateway and routes the data to the destination address. Follow the Procedure to make a SafeLinx Client into a routing alias.


  1. Change the SafeLinx Client system's TCP/IP properties to enable IP forwarding.
  2. Make sure that the SafeLinx Client is defined to the SafeLinx Server as a user with a fixed IP address.
  3. From the Resources pane, right-click the Mobile Access icon that belongs to the SafeLinx Server for which you are adding a routing alias. Select Add > Routing alias.
  4. Follow the Add wizard screens to specify the destination address and mask that makes the subnetwork to which the SafeLinx Server will route traffic.
  5. Specify the fixed IP address that is assigned to the Mobility Client that will act as the destination gateways.