Mobile device

A mobile device is device over which the SafeLinx Client uses to communicate with the SafeLinx Server. You define mobile devices to the SafeLinx Administrator to control which devices can access the SafeLinx Server.

The information that is used to identify a mobile device depends on the network provider. Some mobile devices are defined by a unique identification number. This number is burned onto the device or is firmware in the device.

Mobile devices optionally can be defined to the SafeLinx Administrator along with the user IDs that are authorized to use each device. Defining mobile devices helps prevent unauthorized access to data in networks that are serviced by the SafeLinx Server. Whether you define mobile devices depends on your choice of client validation options for a mobile network connection (MNC).

Mobile devices can be pooled into a group that is assigned to users who do not need a one-to-one assignment to a mobile device.

To add a mobile device, from the Resources pane, right-click the OU in which you want to add the mobile device, click Add Resource > Mobile device, and then click the type of device that you want to add.