Changing an admin password

An admin password is created when the admin ID is created.

Like user passwords, admin passwords are controlled by a password policy. You can use an existing password policy or create a new one. To add a policy, from the Tasks tab, click Add Resource > Wireless password policy.

If your administrator password expires or you want to change your password, select Change Login Password from the File menu. Alternatively, you can edit the properties of the Administrator ID and enter a new password in the Password tab.

Note: The initial SafeLinx Server administrator ID and password are pre-configured upon installation of the SafeLinx Administrator. The default SafeLinx Server admin ID is admin and the password is sl4!admin. You must use this ID and password the first time you log in to the SafeLinx Administrator. You will then be prompted to change the password. If the admin account is unintentionally locked, the only way to unlock the account is by modifying the superuser.conf file in the configuration directory on the SafeLinx Server. Change locked=1 to locked=0 to unlock this account.