Starting a connection at system login

You can configure a specific connection to start automatically at system login time. Only one connection can be configured to run auto start. If the connection is lost, the SafeLinx Client attempts to restart it until it is reestablished.

To start a connection automatically when a user logs in to OS X:
  1. The account you want to start automatically must be previously connected to the SafeLinx Server and have a saved account password. To save the password, select the Save password check box on the Connection window and click Connect.
  2. Select the connection that is currently disconnected from HCL SafeLinx. Then from the menu bar, click Connection > Properties. The properties notebook is displayed.
    Note: If you select a connection that is currently connected to HCL SafeLinx, then you will not be able to update Properties.
  3. On the Attributes tab, check the Start this connection at system user login check box, then click OK.