Configuring databases for SafeLinx with DDL

The SafeLinx installation provides a set of database definition language (DDL) scripts to create and configure the SafeLinx session and accounting databases.

About this task

To prepare a relational database for use with SafeLinx, you must apply a schema, configure specific database objects, and grant permissions. In many situations, you can complete these tasks automatically when you run the configuration wizards from the SafeLinx Administrator. However, in organizations that grant direct access to database servers, to designated database admins only, it might not be possible to use the configuration wizards. Instead, when a SafeLinx admin is not allowed to access the database server, a database admin can run a set of DDL scripts to create and configure the SafeLinx databases.

When you install SafeLinx, two sets of DDL scripts are copied to the installation directory on the SafeLinx Server. One set is for use with DB2 databases and the other is for SQL Server databases. DDL scripts for Oracle database are not provided. Table 1 lists the scripts in the order in which you use them, and describes the action that each script performs. The scripts for DB2 and SQL are identically named. Table 2 specifies the directories in which the scripts are installed on each supported operating system.

Table 1. DDL scripts for creating, updating, and granting user access to SafeLinx databases
Script name Description
wgdata-create.sql Script to create a session database.
wgacct-create.sql Script to create an accounting database.
wgdata-update.sql Script to update a session database. Run this script to update a session database that you created with an earlier version of wgdata-create.sql. If you created the session database with the current version of the creation script, do not run the update script.
wgdata-grant.sql Script to grant a user limited access permissions to the session database.
wgacct-grant.sql Script to grant a user limited access permissions to the accounting database
Table 2. Location of DDL scripts by operating system
Operating system Script locations
Linux /opt/hcl/SafeLinx/conf/DB2


Windows <Installation_directory>\SafeLinx\conf\DB2