Adding a mobile network connection

The SafeLinx Server accepts connections for mobile access services and messaging services through mobile network connections (MNCs). Use the SafeLinx Administrator to add an MNC to the SafeLinx Server for each type of external network that client devices use.

About this task

The SafeLinx Administrator includes a wizard that guides you through the process of adding an MNC. Complete the following steps to use the Add a New Mobile Network Connection wizard.


  1. From the SafeLinx Administrator Resources page, right-click the SafeLinx Server to which you want to add a mobile network connection, and then click Add > Mobile Network Connection.
  2. In the Mobile network connection type field, select the type of MNC you want to add and click OK.
    Each network type requires network-specific parameters, such as one or more physical ports.
  3. Complete the fields in Add a new mobile network connection wizard. The available fields differ for each type of connection. Refer to the Tips help in the SafeLinx Administrator for information about the values that you can enter in each field.
    To add an MNC, you do not have to specify values for every field. Later, you can edit the MNC properties to add or modify values.
  4. Specify the initial state of the MNC.
    • Choose active if you want the MNC to be activated immediately and whenever the server starts.
    • Choose inactive if you do not want the MNC to be used immediately.