Datasets overview

A dataset provides tests with variable data during a run. The test that uses a dataset at run time replaces a value in the recorded test with variable test data that is stored in the dataset.

In HCL OneTest Server, you can create a dataset and use it to replace the dataset values with original values during run time, when you want to run test assets that contain the dataset.

From the Datasets page, you can perform the following actions:
Table 1. Options available in Datasets page
Actions Descriptions
View You can view the contents of a dataset. See Viewing a dataset.
Create You can create a dataset to use it during a test or schedule run. See Creating a dataset.
Edit You can edit a dataset when you want to run a test asset with different dataset values. See Editing a dataset.
Configure You can configure the string values in a dataset that contains variable data for tests to use when they run. See Editing a dataset.
Delete You can delete the dataset when it is not required in your test environment. See Deleting a dataset.
Save As

You can save a copy of a dataset in a different folder or make a copy with a different name by clicking the Menu icon menu_icon and then by selecting the Save As option.

Branch selection

You can view the dataset listed in the other branches of the repository by selecting the name of the branch from the Branch list. When you access the Datasets page for the first time after adding the repository, the default branch that it displayed is master.

When multiple repositories are added to the same project, the following events occur:
  • The datasets stored in the master branch of all the repositories are displayed.

  • All the branches in all the repositories are listed in the drop-down list.

To differentiate a common branch across multiple repositories added to the project, the tooltip is not displayed in front of the common branch name in the list.
  • Only a project Owner or a project member whose role is a Tester can view and edit the dataset.

  • To view the content of an encrypted dataset, you must provide an encryption key that you set while encrypting the dataset column.

  • As a Viewer, when you try to access the Datasets page, an error message is displayed because you do not have the permission to view this page.