Running tests from Jenkins

You can run test assets either from the Jenkins Freestyle or the Pipeline project on the Jenkins server to test an application under test.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:


  1. Log in to the Jenkins server.

    The Jenkins dashboard is displayed.

  2. Open your Jenkins Freestyle or Pipeline project from the list.
  3. Click Build Now to run the test assets from Jenkins.


You have run the test from the Jenkins server.

What to do next

You can perform any of the following actions:
  • View the test results, if you have configured the viewing of results by using the Integration Tester Results plugin. See Viewing test results in Jenkins.
  • View the build logs by clicking the build number from the Build History pane, and then selecting the Console Output option.
  • View the history of test results in a tabular format by clicking the Test Results Analyzer option.