Configuring the Freestyle project by using the Ant script

After you install the Integration Tester Jenkins Plugin on the Jenkins server, you can configure the Jenkins Freestyle project environment to run the Integration Tester tests as an Ant task by using the test configuration file generated by HCL OneTest API.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:


  1. Open the Jenkins Freestyle project on the Jenkins Dashboard, and then click Configure.
  2. Click the Build tab, and then click Add build step.
  3. Select Invoke Ant.
  4. Click Advanced.

    The build step is displayed.

  5. Enter values for the following fields:
    Field Value
    Targets Leave it empty so the Ant target that is specified in the build script is used.
    Build File Enter the location of the Apache Ant script that was generated by HCL OneTest API.
  6. Click Save.


You have configured the Freestyle project by adding the build step to use the Ant plugin.

What to do next

You can run test assets from the Jenkins server. See Running tests from Jenkins.