Modifying log levels

The log level of proxy refers to the default level of events that the proxy must log to HCL® Quality Server instance.

About this task

The default log level of any proxy is Info. This can be changed after the installation of HCL OneTest API proxy.

However, you can also change the log level of a proxy at HCL® Quality Server instance level.


  1. Log in to HCL® Quality Server.

    The application window is displayed.

  2. Click the Infrastructure icon or navigation link.

    The Infrastructure Dashboard is displayed. HCL OneTest API proxies that are registered with HCL® Quality Server instance and are running are displayed.

  3. Expand the proxy card by clicking on the expand card icon ().

    The Details tab section is displayed for the proxy.

  4. Click Log Level to display the list of options and then select from any of the following options to modify the log level:
    • Debug
    • Info (installation default)
    • Warning
    • Error


The log level of the selected proxy is modified for the current HCL® Quality Server instance.