HCL OneDB on AWS is an enterprise-class database offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Marketplace. It features a cloud-delivered, ready-to-run, fast, resilient, secure and scalable database management system that manages traditional relational, object-relational, and dimensional data types. HCL OneDB on AWS offers the complete features of OneDB on-premises deployments without the complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure. AWS provides an infrastructure to run OneDB in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective manner in the cloud.

The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for HCL OneDB provides all the information required to launch a virtual server instance in the AWS cloud. Select the AMI that meets your business needs and launch as many instances as required. OneDB AMI includes the latest versions of:

OneDB Products Installation directory
OneDB Server /opt/hcl/onedb/server



OneDB Explore /opt/hcl/onedb/explore
OneDB CSDK /opt/hcl/onedb/csdk
OneDB JDBC /opt/hcl/onedb/jdbc
Note: HCL OneDB server, CSDK, JDBC, WireListener, REST and OneDB Explore are installed and configured for OLTP environments.