Migrating & Upgrading

You can upgrade to HCL OneDB™ or migrate from other database servers to HCL OneDB. HCL Informix Dynamic Server Version 14.10.FC5 (14.10.FC5X8 on AWS marketplace) uses OpenSSL for cryptographic tasks such as disk encryption, TLS communication etc. The older version of Informix server uses IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit) library for the equivalent task.

The steps to be followed for migration depends on the process followed i.e using GSKit or OpenSSL.

Note: Even though this document explains migration with respect to AWS marketplace; the essence of the document can be applied on any other cloud or on-prem.
Note: This document is based on the below example:
Informix VM is the public IP of VM where HCL Informix server is running
OneDB VM  is the public IP of VM where HCL OneDB server is running

"aws-key.pem": SSH key used for provisioning.