Activating auditing

Auditing is turned off by default when you install the database server. Use the onaudit utility to turn on auditing at runtime or set the ADTMODE configuration parameter in the ADTCFG file. If you use the ADTCFG file, the setting takes effect when the database server is initialized.

The following onaudit command turns on auditing:
onaudit -l 1

After you turn on auditing, it takes effect immediately for all sessions.

The AAO can configure the database server to turn on auditing when the server starts when the ADTMODE configuration parameter is set to the numbers 1, 3, 5, or 7 in the ADTCFG file. For details on ADTMODE parameter values, see The onaudit utility: Configure auditing and The ADTCFG file.

When the database server is initialized with auditing turned on, all user sessions generate audit records according to the individual, default, or global (_require, _exclude) mask in effect for each user.

To turn off auditing after it starts, see Turning off auditing.