Setting the error mode

As Overview of auditing with the HCL OneDB secure auditing facility describes, the database server has three actions that it can perform if an error occurs when writing to the audit trail: a continue-error mode, and two levels of severity of halt-error mode. Be sure that you understand the implications of each error mode before you select one.

Use the onaudit utility or the ADTCFG file to set the error mode. For the onaudit syntax, see The onaudit utility: Configure audit masks. For the ADTERR configuration parameter, see The ADTCFG file.

The following onaudit command sets the error mode to continue. The database server processes the thread and notes the error in the message log.
onaudit -e 0
The following command sets the error mode to the most severe level of halt, in which the database server shuts down:
onaudit -e 3