Dimensional databases

A dimensional database is a relational database that uses a dimensional data model to organize data. This model uses fact tables and dimension tables in a star or snowflake schema.

A dimensional database is the optimal type of database for data warehousing.

The availability and reliability of the HCL OneDB™ database server includes a full active-active cluster solution for high availability and low cost scalability. You can use HCL OneDB to manage workload distribution across multiple read-only or full-transaction nodes. You can dynamically add different types of nodes into your cluster environment to scale out or increase availability in the most demanding environments.

Warehouse workloads have the flexibility to work on the same database with operational data, running real-time on a separate node in the cluster. Data can also be replicated in real-time using Enterprise Replication, or copied to a separate data warehouse server. With HCL OneDB, you have the flexibility to design the system to meet your needs and to make the most of your existing infrastructure.