Design a dimensional data model

To build a dimensional database, you start by designing a dimensional data model for your business.

You will learn how a dimensional model differs from a transactional model, what fact tables and dimension tables are and how to design them effectively. You will learn how to analyze the business processes in your organization where data is gathered and use that analysis to design a model for your dimensional data.

HCL OneDB™ includes several demonstration databases that are the basis for many examples in HCL OneDB publications, including examples in the HCL OneDB Data Warehouse Guide. The stores_demo database illustrates a relational schema with information about a fictitious wholesale sporting-goods distributor. You will use SQL and the data in the stores_demo database to populate a new dimensional database. The dimensional database is based on the simple dimensional data model that you learned about.

To understand the concepts of dimensional data modeling, you should have a basic understanding of SQL and relational database theory. This section provides only a summary of data warehousing concepts and describes a simple dimensional data model.