Using the system applet to change environment variables

The System applet provides a graphical interface to create, modify, and delete system-wide and user-specific variables. Environment variables that are set with the System applet are visible to all command-prompt sessions.

About this task

To change environment variables with the System applet in the control panel


  1. Double-click the System applet icon from the Control Panel window.
  2. Click the Environment tab near the top of the window.

    Two list boxes display System Environment Variables and User Environment Variables. System Environment Variables apply to an entire system, and User Environment Variables apply only to the sessions of the individual user.

  3. To change the value of an existing variable, select that variable. The name of the variable and its current value are in the boxes at the bottom of the window.
  4. To add a new variable, highlight an existing variable and type the new variable name in the box at the bottom of the window.
  5. Next, enter the value for the new variable at the bottom of the window and click Set .
  6. To delete a variable, select the variable and click Delete.


Important: In order to use the System applet to change System environment variables, you must belong to the Administrators group. For information about assigning users to groups, see your operating-system documentation.