Where to set environment variables on Windows

You can set environment variables in several places on Windows™, depending on which HCL OneDB™ application you use.

Environment variables can be set in several ways, as described in Setting environment variables on Windows.

The SET ENVIRONMENT statement of SQL can set certain routine-specific environment options. For more information, see the description of SET ENVIRONMENT in the HCL OneDB Guide to SQL: Syntax.

To use client applications such as or the Schema Tools on Windows environment, use the Setnet32 utility to set environment variables. For information about the Setnet32 utility, see the HCL OneDB Client Products Installation Guide for your operating system.

In , you can set supported environment variables within an application with the ifx_putenv() function and retrieve values with the ifx_getenv() function, if your Windows system supports them. For more information about ifx_putenv() and ifx_getenv(), see the HCL OneDB ESQL/C Programmer's Manual.