ADTMODE configuration parameter

Use ADTMODE to control the level of auditing. The ADTMODE parameter is now deprecated; you should use the new ADT_CLASSIC_ENABLED, ADT_DBSA, and ADT_DBSSO parameters instead.

default value
range of values
0, 1, 3, 5, 7

0 = auditing disabled

1 = auditing on; starts auditing for all sessions

3 = auditing on; audits DBSSO actions

5 = auditing on; audits database server administrator actions

7 = auditing on; audits DBSSO and database server administrator actions

takes effect
When onaudit is run to change the value or after the server is started
onaudit (onaudit -l auditmode)

The -l option still exists but is obsolescent as it bundles three separate controls in one value. The new -L, -S, and -A options provide separate options for the three controls. The valid arguments for -l are still 0, 1, 3, 5, 7. The value 0 turns classic audit logging off (and also turns mandatory auditing for the DBSA and DBSSO off); the non-zero values all turn classic audit logging on. The value 1 turns classic audit logging on, without enabling mandatory auditing for DBSA or DBSSO users. The value 3 turns on mandatory DBSSO auditing but turns off mandatory DBSA auditing. Level 5 turns on mandatory DBSA auditing but turns off mandatory DBSSO auditing. Level 7 turns on mandatory auditing for both DBSA and DBSSO users. On the command line, the value for -l (ADTMODE) is processed before the values for -L (ADT_CLASSIC_ENABLED), -S (ADT_DBSSO), or -A (ADT_DBSA) are processed. The explicit options always override the values inferred from ADTMODE. The -l option corresponds to the ADTMODE parameter, but ADTMODE is no longer written to the configuration file. If the configuration file contains the ADTMODE parameter at start up, it will be recognized and acted on, but its settings will be overridden by appearances of ADT_CLASSIC_ENABLED, ADT_DBSSO or ADT_DBSA in the configuration file. The order in which these parameters appear is not material; the processing is as if the ADTMODE setting precedes the ADT_CLASSIC_ENABLED, ADT_DBSSO and ADT_DBSA settings.

The distributed adtcfg and adtcfg.std template files only contain ADT_ENABLED, ADT_DBSA, ADT_DBSSO settings, and only mention ADTMODE in comments.