The ADTCFG file

This chapter contains a list of the configuration parameters in the ADTCFG file and a short explanation of each configuration parameter.

Note: When any changes are made to the audit configuration, the server stores the changed configuration settings to the adtcfg.servernumber file. The server then reads the parameters in the adtcfg.servernumber file instead of the ADTCFG file.

Each configuration parameter has one or more of the following attributes (depending on their relevance):

default value
Default value that is in the adtcfg.std file
if not present
Value that is supplied if the parameter is missing from your ADTCFG file
Units in which the parameter is expressed
Separators that can be used when the parameter value has several parts. Do not use white space within a parameter value
range of values
Valid values for this parameter
takes effect
Time at which a change to the value of the parameter actually affects the operation of the database server
Name of the command-line utility that you can use to change the value of the parameter