Setting environment variables

After you install the current version of HCL OneDB™, verify that the ONEDB_HOME, ONEDB_SERVER, ONCONFIG, PATH, and ONEDB_SQLHOST (if used) environment variables are set to the correct values.

UNIX™ or Linux™: The client application looks for the sqlhosts file in the etc directory in the ONEDB_HOME directory. However, you can use the ONEDB_SQLHOST environment variable to change the location or name of the sqlhosts file.

The setting of the GL_USEGLU environment variable must match between the source and target server during migration.

Important: Before you start the Version database server, you must set the DBONPLOAD environment variable to the name of the pload database if the name is not onpload, the default name.

For information about environment variables, see the HCL OneDB Guide to SQL: Reference.