Overview of moving data

If you are installing the new version of the database server on another computer or operating system (non-in-place migration), you can use one of several tools and utilities to move data from your current database server.

For example, suppose you migrated to the current version of HCL OneDB™ and created a few new databases, but decide to revert to the previous version. Before you revert, you can use one of the data-migration tools to save the data you added. After reverting, you can reload the data.

Before you move data, consider these issues:

  • Changes in the configuration parameters and environment variables
  • Amount of memory and dbspace space that is required
  • Organization of the data
  • Whether you want to change the database schema to accommodate more information, to provide for growth, or to enhance performance

For information about how to move data between database servers on different operating systems, also see Migrating database servers to a new operating system.