Types of migration

There are two ways to migrate to HCL OneDB™ Version

Upgrading (In-place migration)
Upgrading is a special case of migration that uses your existing hardware and operating system. You install a new or improved version of the product in a different location from your current version on the same machine. You can copy your configuration file and add new parameters. When you start the new HCL OneDB instance, the database data is automatically converted. For example, you can upgrade from Version to Version
Migrating from a non-OneDB / Informix database
The process of moving your data from another database management system (DBMS) such as Oracle or Sybase SQL Anywhere to HCL OneDB Version This type of migration is especially useful if you are currently using various products. You can consolidate to take advantage of the HCL OneDB features and total cost of ownership.

If you have a high-availability cluster with one or more secondary database servers or if you use Enterprise Replication, you follow additional procedures to upgrade your servers.