Requirements for JSON compatibility

HCL OneDB™ JSON compatibility has specific software dependencies and database server requirements.

Java requirements

If you are using the wire listener for MongoDB access to your HCL OneDB data, you must use a supported Java™ runtime environment. Java version 1.8 is recommended.

MongoDB version

Informix JSON compatibility is based on MongoDB version 4.0 by default. You can configure the wire listener to use a different MongoDB API compatibility version by setting the mongo.api.version parameter in the wire listener configuration file.

Database server requirements

JSON and BSON data is stored in sbspaces. You can specify the sbspace for JSON and BSON storage in the PUT clause of the INSERT statement when doing direct SQL access. However, you must set a default sbspace with the SBSPACENAME configuration parameter. When you insert JSON or BSON data that exceeds 4 K in size, the data is temporarily saved in the default sbspace for processing before being saved in the sbspace that you specified.