Troubleshooting HCL OneDB JSON compatibility

Several troubleshooting techniques, tools, and resources are available for resolving problems that you encounter with HCL OneDB™ JSON compatibility.

Problem Solution
How do I start the wire listener? See Starting the wire listener.
How can I debug wire listener problems?
When staring the wire listener, add -loglevel level to the java command use to start the listener process, where level is the logging level. Log level options are:
  • error
  • warn
  • info
  • debug
  • trace

For more information, see Wire listener command line options.

How can I view all of the current properties for the wire listener properties file?

An example properties file is available in the HCL OneDB APIs package which provides descriptions of all of the wire listener’s configuration properties. For more information, see The wire listener configuration file.

How do I access the wire listener help?

You can view a list of available command line options by running the -help command.