Configuring the wire listener for the first time

Before starting the wire listener, you must customize the wire listener configuration file.

Before you begin

The wire listener JAR file is included in the HCL OneDB™ APIs package.


To configure the wire listener for the first time:
  1. Choose an authorized user.
    An authorized user is required in wire listener connections to the database server. The authorized user must have access to the databases and tables that are accessed through the wire listener.
    • Windows™: Specify an operating system user.
    • UNIX™ or Linux™: Specify an operating system user or a database user. For example, here is the command to create a database user in UNIX or Linux:
       USER daemon;
  2. Optional: If you want to shard data by using wire listener commands, grant the user REPLICATION privilege by running the admin or task SQL administration API command with the grant admin argument.
    For example:
    EXECUTE FUNCTION task('grant admin','userID','replication');
  3. Create a wire listener configuration with the .properties file extension. You can use the example properties file in the HCL OneDB APIs package as a template.
    For more information, see The wire listener configuration file.
  4. Customize the wire listener configuration file to your needs.
    To include parameters in the wire listener, uncomment the row and customize the parameter. The url parameter is required. Specifiy the authorized user created in step 1 in the url string. All other wire listener configuration parameters are optional.
    Tip: Review the defaults for the following properties and verify that they are appropriate for your environment: mongo.api.version, authentication.enable, listener.port, listener.hostName, and listener.ssl.enable.
  5. If you are using a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on your IPv6 host, you must verify that the connection information between JDBC and HCL OneDB is compatible.

    For example, you can connect from the IPv6 host through an IPv4 connection by using the following steps:

    1. Add a server alias to the DBSERVERALIASES configuration parameter for the wire listener on the local host.
      For example: lo_onedb.
    2. Add an entry to the sqlhosts file for the database server alias to the loopback address
      For example:
      lo_onedb onsoctcp 9090
    3. In the wire listener configuration file, update the url entry with the wire listener alias.
      For example:

What to do next

Start the wire listener.