J/Foundation Developer's Guide

The HCL® J/Foundation Developer's Guide describes how to write user-defined routines (UDRs) in the Java™ programming language for HCL OneDB™.

These topics also describe the infrastructure that you can use to run Java applications in the database server. These topics describe the Java classes, methods, and interfaces that you can use to access databases from within HCL OneDB, rather than from a client application.

These topics are written for the following users:
  • Database-application programmers
  • DataBlade® module developers
  • Java UDR developers
  • Java server application developers
These topics assume that you have basic knowledge in the following areas:
  • Your computer, your operating system, and the utilities that your operating system provides
  • Object-relational databases or exposure to database concepts
  • The Java language and tools (for example, software development kit for Java)
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), which is a Java application programming interface to SQL databases
  • SQLJ: SQL Routines specification, which specifies the Java binding of SQL UDRs