DataBlade API Function Reference

The HCL OneDB™ DataBlade® API Function Reference describes the DataBlade API functions and the subset of functions that the DataBlade API supports.

This C-language application programming interface is provided with HCL OneDB. You can use the DataBlade API to develop client LIBMI applications and C user-defined routines that access data in the HCL OneDB database.

The HCL OneDB DataBlade API Programmer's Guide, a companion document to the function reference, explains how to use the functions in client LIBMI applications and user-defined routines.

These topics are written for the following users:
  • Database-application programmers
  • DataBlade developers
  • Developers of C user-defined routines
To understand these topics, you need to have the following background:
  • A working knowledge of your computer, your operating system, and the utilities that your operating system provides
  • Some experience working with relational databases or exposure to database concepts
  • Some experience with computer programming in the C programming language
  • Some experience with database design and the optimization of database queries
These topics use the following conventions to specify DataBlade API function syntax:
  • Brackets ( [ ] ) surround optional items.
  • Braces( { } ) surround items that can be repeated.
  • A vertical line ( | ) separates alternatives.
  • Function parameters are italicized; arguments that you must specify as shown are not italicized.