Database server configuration

You must customize the database server properties and features by setting configuration parameters, create storage spaces, and configure connectivity. You can automate startup.

You customize the database server properties by setting or modifying configuration parameters in the onconfig file. The current version of HCL OneDB™ does not use some configuration parameters that are used in earlier versions of the server.

If you choose to configure a database server during installation, many configuration parameter and environment variables are set and a set of storage spaces are created automatically. Alternatively, you can manually configure the database server.

When you start the database server for the first time, disk space is initialized and the initial chunk of the root dbspace is created. Any existing data in that disk space is overwritten. Shared memory that the database server requires is also initialized. When you subsequently start the database server, only shared memory is initialized. Although the root dbspace is the default location of log files and databases, you can store log files and databases in other storage spaces to prevent the root dbspace from running out of space.