Overview of automatic monitoring and corrective actions

You can use the SQL administration API, the Scheduler, and drill-down queries to manage automatic maintenance, monitoring, and administrative tasks.

These components of HCL OneDB™ simplify the collection of information and maintenance of the server in complex systems.

SQL administration API
The SQL administration API performs remote administration through SQL functions. Because SQL administration API operations occur entirely in SQL, these functions can be used in client tools to administer the database server.
The Scheduler is a set of tasks that execute SQL statements at predefined times or as determined internally by the server. The SQL statements can either collect information or monitor and adjust the server.
Query Drill-Down
Query drill-down provides statistical information about recently executed SQL statements to track the performance of individual SQL statements and analyze statement history.

You can use the SQL administration API and the Scheduler on the primary server of an HDR pair of servers.

Each of these tools requires additional disk space to store information.