OneDB embeddability deployment tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide steps and scripts needed for silent end-to-end deployment of HCL® OneDB® on Linux™ and Windows™ using the deployment assistant and the deployment utility.

The HCL OneDB Embeddability Toolkit is a logical collection of the following components:
  • ifxdeployassist: the deployment assistant (DA).
  • ifxdeploy: the deployment utility (DU).
  • ifxdeploy.conf: the DU's configuration file.
  • ifx_silent_deploy: an example script that automates silent deployment using DU. The Linux shell script and the Windows batch script for this silent deployment example are posted separately on the Technote at
The following tasks are covered in this tutorial for silent deployment of OneDB:
  • Create a Snapshot for Deployment: Using the DA, archive an installed OneDB server instance and its dbspaces on the template computer for future deployments.
  • Silently Deploy OneDB from the Snapshot: Using the DU, its configuration file, and ifx_silent_deploy, silently deploy a copy of the archived OneDB server instance and its dbspaces on a target computer.