Getting started with embedded experiences

Learn about embedded experiences in mail.

What are embedded experiences?

Embedded experiences allow application developers to embed content from their applications inside OpenSocial containers, like a gadget or a simple web page. Containers and gadgets which support embedded content can choose to render this content as an embedded experience; embedded experiences can then be placed in emails using the MIME standard.

For example, in addition to plain text and HTML, MIME types for JSON-based and XML-based applications can be embedded directly in an email. Notes Social Edition and iNotes Social Edition both support embedded experiences in email.

Rendering embedded experiences in mail

In order to render an embedded experience in your mail, you must have installed a widget created for the gadget or URL that is being used as the embedded experience, in the My Widgets sidebar panel of your Notes client. The widget must come from the widget catalog, and it must be approved.

In addition, the Disable embedded browser for MIME mail preference must be un-checked in the Basic Notes Client Configuration preferences.