Using the Open list

Use the Open list to open IBM® Notes® applications, documents, bookmarks and bookmark folders. The Open list displays icons and a brief description for each item.

About this task

You can perform the following tasks when working or opening applications or bookmarks from the Open list

Table 1. Open list tasks



Display the list

Click the Open button.

Display the list as icons in a thin list along the edge of your window

Right-click Open and then click Dock the Open List.

Undock the list so that it displays as a full list once again

Right-click an open area of the thin list and uncheck the docking option. This option is available on the View menu as well.

Search for a bookmark or application by name

Begin typing the first few letters of the application you want to open in the Type to find text box at the beginning of the list.

Open list in open mode and docked