How do I create a new home page?

You can create your own home page that includes information that is important to you from IBM® Notes® and the Web. To create a home page, you use the home page wizard.

About this task

From the current home page, click the text Click here for home page options, then click the Create a new home page button.

There are three types of home pages you can create:

  • Frames - A framed home page is a structured page that lets you choose the number and format of frames to display. The frames can contain application views, action buttons, a preview pane, folders stored on your operating system, Web pages, and a launch pad that lets you open various Notes and Web links right from the home page.

    Framed Home Page

  • Personal Page - A personal home page is a more free-form page contained in a single frame. You can choose from a number of prefilled layouts, or use an Advanced layout and create your own. You can add pictures, rich-text, Java™ applets, and embedded elements, such as an embedded date picker.

    Personal Home Page

  • My Work - This type of home page has portal-like tabs. Each tab is divided into multiple panes that display your Mail, Calendar, To Do list, most frequently used Notes applications and Web sites, and so on. My Work home pages help you organize and manage your daily tasks and communications with others in your company.
Note: Notes Basic client users - If you choose to display your file system on your home page, you must use Notes with Internet Explorer as your default Web browser so your file system displays correctly on the home page.